Instant Accessto Important Information

Symphony Math® offers a Dashboard and many different reports to help teachers guide classroom instruction and document student progress.



An Easy Way to See Progress.

The Dashboard is a formative assessment tool that provides you with the most important information about your students’ use of Symphony Math®. In a glance, you can see the frequency of use, progress over time, and other critical assessment factors. The Dashboard features data on the Screener, Benchmarker, and Instruction components. Teachers can view student progress directly from this screen, and get access to Extra Practice and Awards without the need to delve deeper into reports.

Screener Reports


Compare Groups => Screener StatusScreenCompareGroupsStatus

Compares the At-Risk status for a District, School, or Grade.


Compare Students => Screener StatusScreenerCompareStudents

Compares the At-Risk status for each student in a School, Grade, or Class.


Benchmarker Reports


Compare Groups => Benchmarker StatusBenchmarkerCompareGroupsStatus

Compares Benchmarker performance for schools, grades, or classes in all three testing windows. Current growth comparison is available for districts, schools, or grades.


Compare Students => Benchmarker StatusBenchmarkerCompareStudentsStatus

Compares Benchmarker performance for individual students in all three testing windows. Current growth comparison is available for districts, schools, or grades.


Individual Student => Student GraphBenchmarkerStudentGraph

Provides a visual of a student’s progress during the three Benchmarker testing windows.


Instruction Reports


Compare Groups => Instruction StatusInstructionCompareGroupsStatus

Summarizes the status for multiple groups of students.


Compare Students => Instruction StatusInstructionCompareStudentsStatus

Provides a list of all students in a specified group with their overall use, progress, and status.

Compare Students => Instruction GraphInterventionCompareStudentsGraph

Graphically displays the progress and use of Symphony Math for of a group of students.


Individual Student => Instruction StatusIndivStudentstructionStatus

Provides concept-by-concept information on the progress of a specific student through the Symphony Math stages and concepts.


Individual Student => Instruction GraphIndivStudentInstructionGraph

Graphically displays a specific student’s progress and use of Symphony Math.


Individual Student => Instruction FluencyIndivStudentInstruction Fluency

Reports the proficiency of a specific student with each number relationship addressed in the Mastery Rounds.


Individual Student => Daily ProgressIndivStudentDailyProgress

Displays the session-by-session details of the use of Intervention by a specific student, including Task Previews for every task that a student completes.


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