Our Mission

Symphony Learning is dedicated to the research and development of sophisticated educational software interventions. We use our technology to make cognitive development insights more widely available and to help students learn better, understand more, and become more confident in their academic abilities.




Paul Schwarz

Paul founded Symphony Learning in 2006 with David Stevens. He has eighteen years of experience as a designer and developer of educational software. Before starting Symphony Learning, he created award-winning software for a variety of companies and institutions including Lexia Learning Systems, Houghton Mifflin, and Harvard Medical School.

Paul holds a Masters of Education, specializing in Educational Media Design, from Boston University, and has taught courses in Educational Media Development at the Boston University School of Education and Yale University.

David Stevens is now the owner of True Progress, creators of Track My Progress.

Marc Bjorkland

Marc Bjorkland brings over 20 years of interactive programming and database experience to Symphony Learning.  Before working for Symphony, he worked on projects for education and museum clients such as The Chicago Children’s Museum, The Tech Museum of Innovation,  The Computer Museum, Lego, Houghton Mifflin and Lexia Learning.   Many projects he has worked on  were recipients of National Science Foundation grants, and in 2010 the SKYLINE exhibit won an AAM Special Achievement in Cooperative Learning award.  He has also done database and web work for Northeastern University, the National Institute of Justice, and other government agencies.  His varied experience in interactive multimedia, educational software, and data security brings a unique blend of talent and programming experience to Symphony Learning.


Our Partners


Symphony Learning works with organizations throughout North America, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand to provide consulting, training, and product support. We know that behind every successful educational practice is a great team, and we’re proud to work with our partners to provide great service and meaningful outcomes.