1 : ScreenerIdentify at-risk students early in their education

The Symphony Math Screener is a 5-minute automated test that can determine which students are at risk for math failure, and can be group-administered to all students in a district. These may be students who otherwise do not yet show any symptoms of a math learning difficulty. The Symphony Math Screener includes these features:


Designed for Younger Students

Symphony Math assessments are available for students in grades K-8, but they were designed to be used independently by younger students. This allows educators to identify students at risk for math failure in the first month of kindergarten, instead of waiting until grade 4 when end-of-year grade 3 results become available. Instructional supports can be implemented early in the student’s learning career, to close the gap with peers before it becomes unmanageably large.


CCSS-Based Items

Symphony Math conforms to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and adopts the same commitment to in-depth learning and understanding. By aligning its assessments to the CCSS, Symphony Math enables schools to focus on assessing a narrow range of target concepts, at the in-depth and rigorous level specified by the CCSS.

The Symphony Math Screener probes for in-depth understanding by using technology-enhanced test items. Symphony assessment problems challenge students to produce multiple correct solutions, demonstrate fluency, graph lines, use measurement tools, and solve for the exact answer, instead of providing only a simple, multiple choice. These technology-enhanced problems require students to demonstrate a deeper level of understanding to produce correct responses.


Instant Results

Results are immediately available to authorized personnel, from the classroom teacher all the way up to the district office. Reports show groups and individual students who are At-Risk, Borderline, or Not At-Risk for math failure.



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