Symphony Buzz!

Weekly Ideas to Help Grow Your Math Classroom


brain 1: Welcome to Your New Brain!
An examination into one of the central ideas in growth mindset: your brain is a muscle that changes as you learn and grow.
favoriteno 2: The Power of Mistakes
When we allow mistakes and errors in our math classrooms, we unlock their potential as springboards for learning.
dwecksmall 3: Now versus Yet
Carol Dweck shows how the addition of one word can be a powerful agent for change in our math classrooms.
smallJB 4: Losing the Answer Key
We all want to help. But when we rush in with an answer, what message are we sending to our students?
praisevidsmall 5: Praise with Substance
How and what we praise in our classrooms can help promote the key strengths of a growth mindset.
kwfsmall 6: Connecting the Dots
Make Symphony Math a real contributor to your math classroom.
mathdiscussion 7: Questions
Use questions to disrupt the problem/solution cycle and promote growth in your math classroom.
braincrossing/td> 8: Why Models Matter
Use models to encourage mastery in your math classroom.
duckworth 9: GRIT
The ability to persevere is a critical trait of the growth mindset learner.
seasonsgreetingssmall 10: Thank You
You are the key to your students’ success, and we are here to help.
guidedpracticeweb 11: Digging Into Guided Practice Materials
A guide to using the skill-specific offine interventions available to your students.
multAreatiny 12: The Justification Dilemma
Ideas on incorporating the idea of ‘justifying solutions’ into your math classroom.
guidedpracticeweb 13: Planning For Success
Getting the most out of your Symphony Math implementation.
hmTiny Title I Students Succeed with Symphony Math
A description of the successful implementation at the Barnstable Community Horace Mann Public Charter School.
 im_tiny 14: March Madness
Resources to help focus your math classroom in the last months of the school year.