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I am a great supporter of the Symphony Math program. It is aligned with our current curriculum and offers daily support for my students. The home/school connection, coupled with supplemental work packets available for tutorials, makes this program a phenomenal resource for classroom teachers.

R. Poirot, Teacher, MA
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Independent Assessment

Symphony Math Assessment

Self-administered tests track growth 3 times per year

Foundational Number Sense

Visual models help students master the BIG ideas

Math Journaling

Journaling prompts encourage reflection, skills transfer

The checkpoints are awesome with the journal entries. It’s really kickstarted my using math notebooks/ journals in general, which was always something that I didn’t get going well in the past.

5th Grade Teacher, CT

Data Dashboard

Full reporting for administrators and teachers

Offline Materials

Target difficult skills in small group or 1:1 interventions

Research Proven

Using Symphony Math has been proven to increase students’ math ability by an average of 4 months.

* The effect size in a district-wide research study was 0.30. According to the Education Endowment Foundation, this equates to approximately 4 months of added math instruction for students.

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