“From our most learning challenged student in math (I think the student is at around the third grade level) to the most gifted in math, Symphony Math provided appropriate challenge, review, and support.”– 6th Grade Teacher, Hawaii
“Our teachers are very excited about (Symphony Math’s reports) once they learn what is there.”– Math Specialist, Massachusetts
“Using Symphony Math has contributed to growth and achievement in every grade level in our district. Last year, every grade in every school improved their {state test} scores. I am convinced this improvement was due in part to our focused use of Symphony Math.”– Curriculum Director, Massachusetts
“I didn’t feel very confident in Math. I just kind of guessed all the answers, I didn’t really know them. After I tried Symphony Math, it really helped, and when I did paper work, it made it much easier.”– Student, Grade 4, Massachusetts
“It’s an excellent program because it starts each child at a foundational level and adjusts instruction to scaffold learning and meet the individual needs of each student… I’d recommend Symphony Math for all elementary aged students!”– Teacher, Connecticut
“I think that from a cognitive learning side, what you’ve done is wonderful. It’s helping them to look at numbers in a logical way, so that when the get to their math class, they understand better what their math teacher is saying.”– Teacher, Hawaii
“I have been excited by the gains my students have made. The kindergarten students really understand the basic concepts. The program allows the student to progress at his own developmental rate.”– Principal, Wyoming
“It teaches you new things, in new steps. Like in video games, when you explore new levels – and this is the same thing… except you learn…”– Student Grade 5, Rhode Island
“We have been extremely pleased with how Symphony Math has allowed us to further engage our students in their own mathematical learning. In addition, the program has provided our teachers with valuable information about their student’s understanding that has allowed them to better target the needs of our students in their classroom instruction.”– District Math Coordinator, Massachusetts
“I really hated math, because I didn’t understand it. You have to think more, and it really helped me alot. When you put the bars in, the numbers show up, and sometimes when you put the numbers in, the bars show up. It’ really helpful that way. “– Student Grade 5, Rhode Island
“It’s so refreshing to work with you and Symphony Math. I really appreciate your dedication to education.”– Teacher, New York
“I got better with my multiplication facts, and we just started long division, and it’s helping me understand it more, because it helps you with your math a lot, and it helps you understand it more.”– Student Grade 3, Florida
“I have thoroughly enjoyed Symphony Math. I believe it is a good program that helps students. I have seen firsthand the learning gaps that have been bridged with this program.”– Teacher, Texas
“… to drill and drill and drill with flashcards was not working for us. There will be some doors that will be open to her because she has been able to establish a solid foundation in math.”– Parent, Florida
“Within a week of using SM, not only had my students’ interest and participation soar during our math workshops, but with its video game-like appeal, Speed Rounds, and multi-leveled game boards, the Symphony Math programs kept my students engaged, and gave them the opportunity to develop a mathematical skill set at their own pace.”– Teacher, Massachusetts
“It helps me do {math} because if I had math on my homework I would get it wrong but on Symphony I can fix it so I know what {the error} is.”– Student Grade 2, Massachusetts
“After implementing the Symphony Math program into my class’ math sessions, it was not long before the SM station became the star of our math workshop. As an educator who teaches 1st graders of various interests, learning styles, cognitive abilities, sensory levels, and language abilities, it is very important to find time-sensitive supplementary resources that can deepen my students’ understanding of Common Core concepts. With Symphony Math, I found that, and so much more!”– Teacher, Massachusetts
“I’m very happy with the program… I’ve seen improvements with their math skills, and being able to apply {them}… especially with place value, which is hard concept for them… this is another venue for them to explore place value, and actually any of the topics that are taught.”– Teacher, Massachusetts
“Every one of my students improved on their Winter Benchmarker, and we are seeing concepts from Symphony Math transfer to our math classrooms as well. The students love Symphony Math!””– Teacher, Alabama